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The Six Pack Equivalent (SPE) Beer Cost Calculator is a simple way to compare prices of various quantities of beer against a known standard, a regular six pack of 12 ounce bottles. A $6 six pack has an SPE of $6, but a $12 64 oz. growler is over twice as expensive, by volume, at an SPE of $13.50.

  • You have a

  • That is a

  • That are each

  • In a quantity of

  • That each cost $

  • This beer has an SPE of ###


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The SPE idea was conceived by Bill Night of the beer blog It's Pub Night.

Mobile Web SPE calculator was developed by Geruding Animal.

The SPE Calculator is also available as an app for Android through the Market. Search for "Beer Cost Calculator" or the publisher "Gerunding Animal".

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